Laem Set Inn no longer exists except in this virtual form. David & Toi thank all their old guests for their custom and company and invite them to cruise through old memories here.

The Seasons at Laem Set
Although Laem Set Inn has a year-round clientel the busiest season starts just before Christmas and runs until the beginning of May. During these months there is an almost constant breeze and a surf on the reef 100 metres offshore in front of the Inn. It is always safe to swim. Temperatures average 82 degrees F., rainfall is slight, usually in the form of occasional thundershowers. Laem Set Inn is at its most classically beautiful in February with the Flame trees in bloom. From May to October the temperature is slightly higher and the breeze lighter. The surf dies down and the tide drops making this the season for diving & snorkeling. A deepwater channel gives access to the reef at all times and enables our boat to pull-up virtually in front of your room to collect you for a champagne picnic amongst the deserted islands half an hour away. Beautiful underwater scenery and seriously delicious barbecues are the order of the day. For the first 15 years we were here the short-lived but violent monsoon hit between November 12th and 18th bringing storms and torrential rain. In the last few year, however, it has been much less pronounced and while the chances of some periods of poor weather are probably greater at this time of year than any other we can no longer advise people to avoid it as a disaster time! It has been fine, clear and beautiful for the majority of the time over the last few years.

There is considerable confusion on this topic as some guide books and other sources of information do not understand that the seasons here and in Phuket, just 150 Km away, are not at all the same. Phuket gets more rain generally and gets the Indian Ocean monsoon in July / August / September. We get the South China Sea monsoon as described above.

The poor weather has always cleared within three weeks of the monsoon's break and been fine for Christmas. See the graph below; -- the chance of rain at Christmas / New Year is as low as at any other time of the year barring February & March.

 Internet weather links relevant to the area,, (Best  infra-red picture) (Quickest loading I/R picture) (Synoptic chart (Good visible-light animated GIF)

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